Fried Onions Productions Services (FOPS), is a Mumbai based production services company that specializes in high-level production and support services for international companies who wish to carry out film, TV or photo shoots in India.

India can be a daunting production location for foreign production crews due to the country's bureaucracy, visa & customs rules, size, infrastructural issues and language. But worry not! FOPS is the partner you need to dribble all these issues and make your production experience in India a total breeze.

We provide all Line Production Services and Production Management and also all of the following provisions.

  • Above the Line Producing
  • Line Producers
  • Production Management(PM, UPM)
  • Film Fixers
  • Location Scouting
  • Film Permits and Film Permissions
  • DOPs
  • Directors
  • Equipment and Crew
  • Other Key Creatives (Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup)
  • Specialty (Stunts, Special Effects, Etc)
  • Post Production Co-ordination
  • Shoot web content

We ensure a ‘One Stop’ service for all of your production needs.




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